The Pacific Northwest is such a beautiful place to live​! A part of the price we pay, however, is long wet months that encourage the growth of many things you don't want visible on your property like moss, algae, mold, mildew and black streaks. These not only diminish the aesthetic of your property - but they also can lead to damage of it. If moss and algae go untreated on your roof it can lead to issues like, improper water shedding and increase the risk of leaking and moisture build up. Our roof soft wash cleaning process removes all organic roof leaving you a clean roof for (depending on conditions) 3-5 years! 

Our process: we lightly brush or blow off large and loose debris from your roof and then apply a mixture of soaps/algaecides/water to your roof at garden hose pressure. This kills all harmful organic growth at it's roots and leaves your roof clean for 3-5 years depending on conditions around your property. The organic growth turns white and then washes away with weather/rain in 3-6 months. 

Our soft wash roof cleaning cost is typically in the range of: $350-$550

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Pressure Washing

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Our professional pressure washing service will leave a variety of the surfaces around your home looking brand new including: driveways, siding, gutters and roofs. Growths like algae and moss are not only unsightly, they also can lead to the need for large repairs as they can cause a variety of issues around your property if not properly dealt with. We provide pressure washing as well as soft washing services.