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Our standard residential window cleaning service removes organic materials, finger prints, spots and streaks all at once always includes complimentary screen cleaning, as well as sill and track wipe-downs for interior window cleans.

Price varies with size of home, number/size of windows and amount of stories. Clean windows are great for the overall aesthetic of your home, but they also are important for the longevity of your windows! Our window cleaning technology also allows us to safely clean your solar panels by removing grime, dirt and animal droppings so they can operate at the highest levels of efficiency.

We offer a variety of window cleaning methods to properly suit your needs including both single and scheduled cleanings - we generally recommend homes to be cleaned at least 2x per year.

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Our standard commercial window cleaning service typically costs $3-$3.75 per pane of glass depending on the accessibility to the windows that need to be cleaned as well as their size.


Per pane refers to each surface that needs to be cleaned. For example, from the same window you have 1 interior pane and 1 exterior pane. The price to clean the exterior pane is $3, to clean both exterior and interior is $6.


We are available for scheduled/recurring cleanings and are more than happy to work with your business on the specific time of day you would prefer we were there.


For our clients who prefer monthly cleans we offer a 25% discount on original price. We have a $99 minimum fee for commercial cleaning.

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